IDC specializes in the field of training and offer capacity building support to government as well as non-governmental staff at all levels during implementation of various projects. IDC also functions closely with its for-profit sister organization, Tethys Development Services Private Limited (TDSPL). IDC has sectoral engagements in Uttar Pradesh, and engagement with private entities through Sanitation Business Council of India (SBCI) which is housed in IDC itself.

Indian Development Center (IDC) is a not for profit organization registered under Societies Act as applicable for the state of Uttar Pradesh. The IDC comprises of technically robust professionals to extend their social commitments to a wide range of issues largely in favour of protection of environment and sustainable development for both rural and urban areas in the domains of energy & environment, climate change resilience, education, health & nutrition, drinking water, sanitation, municipal waste, urban – city development and natural resource management. These are also the areas of specialization that are supported from the perspective of technology, governance, community participation, institution development and sustainable financing. The concern for sustainability and impacts on quality of human life (in particular women, children, poor and marginalized) are paramount in the guiding principles of the operations.

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